IEBC ignores Raila, issues campaign plan

IEBC chairman Chebukati

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission [IEBC] has announced Wednesday that the campaigns for round two of the presidential election officially kick off today, September 6 and end on October 15.

NASA alliance leader Raila Odinga will face President Uhuru Kenyatta again following a Supreme Court ruling delivered by Chief Justice David Maraga.

On Tuesday, Odinga and his coalition said they prefer October 24 or 31 October as the election date not October 17, announced by IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati.

Raila argued that there must be sufficient time to work out issues with the IEBC that necessitated the need for a new election in the first place.

“We are saying that we are not ready to participate in elections on the 17th of October without legal and constitutional guarantees because you cannot do a mistake twice and expect to get different results,” said Odinga.

Odinga said “a number” of electoral commissioners should be removed and/or prosecuted instead of being permitted to conduct another round of elections.

“As far as we are concerned, it is not the date, the day,” said Odinga.

“It is the preparations for these elections which is more important for us, that there must be proper preparations. It must deal with all irregularities which were committed. Beginning with the people who committed them, and also rectifying those irregularities.”

Chebukati later released the list of officials who will be in charge of the election.

The three-month appointments were of a project coordinator and officials to run the information technology, logistics, operations and training as well as the national tallying centre.

Chebukati’s gazette notice stated campaigns will run from 7am to 6pm and end on October 15, 48 hours before the vote.

He further noted the registration of voters and revision of registers was suspended until November 8.

The chairman said political parties and candidates will appoint and submit to the commission the names of the national, county and constituency chief elections agents on or before October 2.

“The polling station and the tallying centre shall remain as published by the commission on June 30,” he said.



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