MPs query Jeje: women are dying, what are you doing?

Minister Jeje Odongo with crime preventers

Members of Parliament on Tuesday expressed anger at the Internal Affairs minister, Gen Jeje Odongo, for staying passive while women are being killed in central Uganda.

The House raised for a moment of silence to honour the 20 women who have been murdered in Entebbe, Katabi and Wakiso areas.

Deputy speaker, Jacob Oulanyah, who chaired the session that came after a month of recess, directed the Minister of Internal Affairs to present a comprehensive statement on this security situation in Wakiso district.

It was Lira Woman Member of Parliament, Hon. Joy Atim Ongom, who led the onslaught on Jeje.

“We want to know who is killing these women. What is the motive?” she wondered.

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She then went for a direct attack: “What is the Internal Affairs Minister doing?”

The members then murmured as they hoped for Jeje to defend himself in vain.

Ongom pressed on: “We want protection from govt. We are insecure. Today it is them, tomorrow it could be us.”

Hon. Peter Sematimba [Busiro South] said the people of Busiro South are rallying together to protect themselves and have arrested very many people so far.

Hon. Moses Kasibante [Rubaga North] told the house that the Minister for Security, Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde, had a sharp disagreement with Inspector General of Police, Kale Kayihura.

“I believe these killings are a security issue.”

Hon. Rosemary Seninde [Wakiso District Women’s Representative] said the killings are humiliating her as the MP for Wakiso.

“I support the motion but I beg that we allow the Minister to report,” she suggested.

The House then passed a motion for adjournment until Minister Jeje presents a statement on the killings of women.

MPs showing concerned about the escalating murder of women, asked government to boost security if lives of all Ugandans are to be safe.

Speaking earlier, Kassanda South MP, Simeo Nsubuga, said the killings which are going on are a serious concern for the whole country.

“We as MPs are also concerned. This is a very unique type of murder because it’s targeting only women. When you talk about murder, there are three instances; political, economic and social.”

He added: “At the moment, you can say these people are being killed because of social factors — our worry is the killings are continuing. At the moment, police have done their part but this can’t be done by police alone. Everyone should be involved. The security advice I can offer is don’t move late in the night alone.”

On Monday, the body of a woman was discovered in Nyanama, Mutundwe along Entebbe Road bring the number of murdered women to 20 in 3 months.



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