Ghetto kids reject Shs500k for green festival gig

Uganda Triplets Ghetto kids

The latest gossip indicates that Triplets Ghetto Kids rejected Shs500,000 to perform at an event over the weekend.

The biggest dance group in the country was approached by Joseph Masembe, the man behind the Green Festival.

According to the gossip, Masembe offered Dauda Kavuma, the dancer’s manager Shs500,000 to perform at the Green Festival.

“Nara!” Kavuma reportedly replied in a street slang commonly accepted to mean “No or Nothing”.

According to Kavuma, the kids who have been in US were each being paid Shs3m per show they performed at.

Victoria University

“Our brand has grown and if we continue performing for peanuts, we are not going to continue growing as a dance group and of course it is embarrassing for a group that performed at the BET to step on stage for Shs500,000,” Kavuma said.

The kids have already been booked to perform live at the 2018 American Grammy awards.

They hit international fame when they appeared in the music video with Moroccan US-based rapper, French Montana and Swae Lee.

The group of phenomenal young boys and girls have risen to stardom and less than a month after they performed at the BET Awards in America, it’s been confirmed that they will be performing alongside French Montana at the 2018 Grammy Awards.



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