7 reasons why employers use social media to recruit the best candidates


There was a time in the not so distant past where people used social media as a means of staying in touch with both old and new friends. The social media craze of the early 2000s did not go unnoticed by businesses and marketers who used it to promote and sell their products.

This trend has still continued well into this decade with more companies and businesses leveraging social media to their advantage. Aside promoting and selling products, businesses have started using social media as another way to recruit employees.

When it comes to employee recruitment, many companies prefer to use simple and straightforward methods. Some of these include using company websites, advertising in newspapers and magazines, and using online job portals such as WealthBankers Job Arena.

There are many employers who are currently using social media to recruit some of the best candidates available. The amount of information an employer can learn from a potential candidate is massive compared to other methods of recruitment. This is probably why many employers like to use social media.

In this article, I will list and explain 7 important reasons why employers use social media to recruit employees.

  1. Wide Reach
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Before internet enabled devices became common, the only way to use social media was via the computer. In recent times, however, accessing social media is done mainly through mobile devices. With more and more of the current population owning at least one mobile device, social media has now become very commonplace.

The reach of social media is quite grand and wide. Facebook currently has more than a billion people subscribed with Twitter, LinkedIn and a few others having millions of users. This means that there is a huge untapped potential market waiting for to be exploited.

The majority of job seekers today, own and use an internet enabled mobile device. Most of these job seekers also have social media accounts that they use frequently. Due to the huge number of job seekers available on social media, employers can use them to find the type of employees they need.

With the share and retweet button on Facebook and Twitter respectively, job ads that are posted can be seen by several potential applicants within the shortest possible time.

  1. See the talents

There are many people who use social media to showcase their skills, talents and abilities. Artists especially, use social media to display some of their works so that people can consider or use their services.

Through things like this, employers are able to identify talents that they would ideally like to work with full time or on a part time basis.

  1. Company and cultural fits

One of the many challenges employers face is finding candidates and employees that fit well into their system. Most companies tend to consider candidates who are skilled and whose general personality aligns well with the company’s vision.

Most people have the tendency of showing their true selves on social media and this goes a long way to help you as an employer, select the right kind of employees for your business.

  1. Asses (written) communication skills

With most forms of social media based largely in text, many employers can leverage this to test out the communication skills especially the written skills of a candidate or potential employee.

Although some users use shorthand in communicating, it is also possible to determine how good their overall written skill is.

There will also be other candidates who may lack proper written skills but are able to communicate effectively using other mediums.

  1. Identify goals and aspirations

Social media can also help an employer determine the goals and aspirations of potential candidates.

Many users of social media, through posts, unconsciously inform people about their goals and general aspirations. Some also outline their vision and purpose on these social media platforms.

Employers can use this to identify candidates whose goals and aspirations, fall in line with their company vision and pick them for employment. A candidate whose vision falls in line with the company does not necessarily have to be pushed to do their jobs.

These types of employees are self-motivated and will perform their duties well without any supervision.

  1. Filter out bad candidates

Most companies do not want to employ candidates who do not aid in the growth of the company. These types of employees end up becoming liabilities that cost the company money in the long run.

Just as companies are able to use social media to select the right candidates, they can also use social media to filter out the wrong candidates. Bad candidates can be in the form of people who do not share the same vision as the company or people who do not have the right kind of work ethic.

  1. Save money

Just as most businesses want to increase revenue, most of these businesses also want to cut down costs. By increasing revenue and cutting down costs, companies are able to make profits that can also help them expand.

Using social media to recruit helps a company save money that would ideally have been used to create and post ads in newspapers and online job boards. Aside the cost of internet data, companies do not pay anything to use social media (unless they decide to use paid social media ads).

Companies can use social media to identify the candidates they need and employ them instantly without the need to actually create ads that need to be posted.

Social media is here to stay and its benefits greatly outweigh its flaws. Smart businesses and employers not only create social media account for marketing purposes but also employ some of the best candidates in the job market.

As an employer, using social media can help you in ways you cannot even imagine. It would be in your best interest to start taking advantage now.

Nana Aning, the author, is an outreach manager for WealthBankers Job Arena.



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