Sheikhs reject land bill, push for age limit removal

A boy adjusts his hat during Eid prayers at Ntinda Mosque [Daily Monitor photo]

Muslim clerics expressed mixed reactions on the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2017 during Eid Adhuha prayers at the close of the week.

In Luweero district, clerics asked believers to reject the proposed constitutional amendment on land which they say is unfair to the common person.

Sheikh Mustapha Lule Khamis, the Luweero District Kadhi, while leading Eid Adhuha prayers told Muslims to demand the withdrawal of the bill.

He accused the Lands Minister Betty Amongi of engaging in a plot to leave many people landless.

The proposal to amend article 26 of the Constitution, seeks to provide for the compulsory acquisition of land for development projects such as roads and other infrastructure, pending negotiations on compensation with the affected persons.

Victoria University

Lule asked the government to use the current land act to compensate people instead of grabbing their land.

Musa Kakande, the Luweero Muslim District Chairperson, while leading prayers at Lukomera Mosque urged government to concentrate on service delivery and leave people’s land alone.

Age limit

Sheikh Kassim Kamugisha, the Kabale District National Resistance Movement (NRM) party youth Chairperson, on the other hand, asked Muslims to support to the removal of presidential age limits.

While leading prayers at Kirigime Mosque, Kamugisha turned attention to Article 102(b) of the Constitution which bars any person below the age of 35 or above the age of 75 from running for the presidency of the country.

He argued that the article must be amended to allow any person to stand for the highest office.

“The current article is discriminative and denies people who are still capable of leading the country a chance to contest,” the cleric said wondering why the article allows people above 75 years a right to vote but denies them the right of being voted for.




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