SFC grabs Makerere student in one-man age limit protest

SFC soldiers

President Yoweri Museveni’s elite guards, Special Forces Command (SFC), on Thursday arrested a student of Makerere University for carrying a poster warning the president against scrapping the age limit clause.

Martin Musiime, a third year student of law, was grabbed by the elite guards while Museveni launched the Nelson Mandela Lecture.

While other students went to the Main Hall to listen to the president eulogise former South African President Mandela, Musiime, who represents Mitchell Hall to Makerere Students’ Guild Council, launched a one-man anti-age limit protest.

He had sneaked into the hall a poster inscribed on “Don’t Touch Article 102 (b)” which he lifted when President Museveni stood up to give closing remarks to the Mandela lecture.

Museveni, with his keen eye, spotted the raised manila paper and tried to scrutinise in a bid to understand what was written on it.

Victoria University

But SFC soldiers moved stealthily through the huge audience, quietly picked Musiime from his seat like a grasshopper and dragged him outside.

The soldiers took the student to another room and grilled him for “disturbing the president”.

“Don’t you know this is the fountain of honour? What do you Makerere students think you are?” a soldier glared and snarled at the student.

After the grilling session, the soldiers rushed him to Makerere University Police Station where he was charged under file reference number 28/31/08/2017.

He was then rushed to Wandegeya Police Station and detained.

He is accused of inciting violence, an offence that carries a maximum sentence of three years in jail on conviction.

He was released Saturday on police bond.



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