Prostitutes will aid us curb crime, says police chief

Kayihura secured the services of 700 prostitutes to help police

Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander, CP Frank Mwesigwa, is confident that police partnership with prostitutes will help curb the growing crime rate.

Mwesigwa was on Thursday night appearing on NTV “On The Spot” programme as  security agencies grapple with Entebbe and Nansana women murders.

Flanked by Augustine Hakineza, a private detective, Fred Egesa, a security expert and Rita Aciro, a human rights activist, said Uganda has the best forensic laboratory in East and Central Africa.

“In terms of capacity therefore, we are okay. We are doing a lot of community policing,” he said.

On the murders of women in Wakiso district, Mwesigwa said police is partnering with ‘boda bodas’ and prostitutes to curb this wave of crimes.

“Police is doing all. We have made arrests. You can’t say it’s that bad because when you go to Entebbe, men and women are walking.”

His remarks came after police chief Kale Kayihura secured the services of over 700 prostitutes in Wakiso to help report wrong doers.

Asked on why they were not making much progress in apprehending criminals, Mwesigwa said it is not their standard as police to parade suspects.

“We have many suspects in Mukono, Entebbe but no paraded.”

Activist Aciro said the intriguing part about these killings is the pattern and that police is failing to even find the motive.

“All we see is the big shots in Entebbe. We do not hear from the affected families. It’s not just about the arrests.”

She demanded to know whether women can now walk freely because the murders have stopped, saying everyone is now scared.

“It’s no longer just the women. Whoever is doing this is trying to prove a point.”

Private detective Hakineza faulted police for not doing enough to update the public on findings.

“But what are these crime preventers doing? Have we empowered them to help? But we should ask ourselves; are these the first killings in the country? What is police’s response time?” he queried.




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