Mandela granddaughter tells Uganda youth to fight for freedom  

Zoleka Mandela at Mandela lecture Makerere University

Ms Zoleka Mandela, granddaughter of the late Nelson Mandela, said her grandfather believed so much in the youth right from the revolutionary days and greatly emphasized that all children must have political, social and cultural protection.

She was speaking at the Nelson Mandela Annual Commemorative Lecture at Makerere University on Thursday.

The University’s Department of Political Science and Public Administration organised the lecture that ran under the theme “Nelson Mandela, the legend, lessons for the youth.”

Zoleka also said the late Nelson Mandela greatly believed in education because it is one formidable approach to changing the world.

She reminded the youth that although they are, in most cases, at the centre of the fight for freedom, they must understand that freedom comes with responsibility and as such must always be prepared to take on the challenges.

Speaking on the event, President Museveni said Mandela’s involvement in recruiting and fighting in the armed resistance, his refusal to collaborate with his oppressors even after a long jail period and preaching the message of reconciliation between South Africans without revenging against his former oppressors, made Mandela a unique freedom fighter.

Mr. Museveni, however, said that the plight and suffering of the generation of the late Nelson Mandela, is closely related to the plight and history of the African continent.

He noted that although the African continent derives pride in being the origin of humanity, a pioneer of civilization and also being blessed with abundant natural resources, on account of lack of a clear ideology and poor governance, the continent has suffered several setbacks in the last 500 years putting it and her people behind all other continents in terms of development.

The President said that because of being poorly governed under many fragmented kingdoms and chiefdoms, the African people became more vulnerable when they were confronted by foreign forces of domination especially from Europe that led Africa into suffering from slave trade, colonialism and neo-colonialism adding that this state of affairs greatly devastated Africa and her people.

Makerere University Vice-Chancellor, Prof. John Dumba Sentamu, said the university decided to have the annual commemoration lecture for the late Nelson Mandela to maintain the legacy of Mandela and also to enable the young generation to borrow a leaf and learn from the life of the South African freedom fighter.

Makerere, he said, will continue hosting the Mandela commemoration lecture annually.



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