Kaps: Kayihura, Tumukunde fighting to appease Museveni

Tumukunde fighting Kayihura

Kaps Hassan Fungaroo, MP for Obongi County, has criticised security officials for fronting personal interests while Ugandans continue to lose their lives at the hands of a murderous gang in Entebbe and Nansana municipalities.

The legislator cited the case of Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura, and Security minister, Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde, saying these two are clamouring for President Yoweri Museveni’s attention instead of securing the country.

“Ugandans are not secure. The state is secure but in terms of human security, Ugandans are not secure,” Fungaroo said on Thursday night while appearing on NBS TV “Frontline” programme.

He said there are possibilities which need to be examined to find cause of the ritual murders and political instability.

According to him, people who are managing security apparatus in this country are from Luweero background–they must be undermining each other.

Victoria University

“There is a fight between IGP and Tumukunde. There is this thing of trying to appease Museveni,” the legislator said, adding, “All characteristics of a bad regime are here.”

Kayihura has been turning Nansana municipality inside out to trace those responsible for the murders of women. He even suspended police officers and secured the services of 700 prostitutes to work as his eyes and ears to end crime in Wakiso district.

Tumukunde, on the other hand, rushed to Entebbe municipality and met security leaders including the town mayor to forge away forward.

The murders of women prompted the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, to summon the two security officials [Tumukunde and Kayihura] so that they can explain what is going on.

She tasked them to investigate and solve the issue before it gets out of hand.

Old scores

In his May 2017 analysis, Independent Magazine founder, Andrew Mwenda, said President on May 17 told a cabinet meeting at State House Entebbe that Security Minister Tumukunde’s fight against Kayihura was demonising his government.

When Tumukunde attempted to rebut, Museveni told him to “shut up and get out.”

Kayihura had on May 09 been successfully vetted by parliament under what is now being seen as a heavily orchestrated security operation because of the police boss’s undercover arrival at parliament in an ordinary saloon car without his convoy of escorts.

The president fell out Tumukunde in 2005 over remarks the security minister made on a radio , which got him charged with spreading harmful propaganda, court-martialled, and eventually kept under house arrest for years.

The two men only reconciled before the 2015 Museveni re-election campaigns in which Tumukunde played a major role and was later rewarded with the post of Security Minister.

Museveni, according to Mwenda, is now angry with Tumukunde because he has received a report that he is working with agents in the intelligence bodies he supervises to throw dirt at senior government officials amongst whom was Kayihura.

The President had received information that an anti-Kayihura lobby group, led by Tumukunde, had been peddling misinformation that although he had nominated Kayihura, he did not want him approved by parliament.

Museveni, according to Mwenda, believes Kayihura has transformed police for the better, the reason he defended him against Tumukunde and handed him more three years in office.



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