Rwanda police raids Diane Rwigara home

Women's rights activist Diane Shima Rwigara, 35, is photographed at her home in Kigali

Rwanda National Police has raided and turned inside out the home of former female presidential candidate, Diane Rwigara, in the capital Kigali.

Rwigara attemtped to compete with Paul Kagame to become president of Rwanda. Shima was subsequently disqualified from the process citing names of dead people on her nomination forms.

On Wednesday, reports circulated that Rwigara and her entire family had been arrested and whisked away to prison just like Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, President Paul Kagame’s opponent who has been languishing in jail for seven years.

“The rumour that is currently circulating that Diane Rwigara has been arrested is not true,” police said, adding, “What is true is that police has conducted a search at her family residence as part of preliminary investigations.”

Police said Rwigara’s home was searched with the aim of gathering evidence in tax evasion and forgery.

“The office of the police spokesperson is always available to provide information that is of interest to the public.”

Denying her imprisonment, police said it left the residence after Rwigara denied evidence on tax fraud charges by using fraudulent documents.

“Rwigara’s family is being charged with tax collectors. Rwigara was convicted of using fraudulent scripting documents when she became a member of the state of the country,” Police spokesperson, ACP Theos Badege, said.

He said only assets are being investigated on the basis of the alleged crimes.

“Diane Rwigara is not kidnapped. What the police did today, in its work of conducting investigative investigations in the event of identifying evidence of sin, is that there is an immediate need for the evidence of such crimes. First of all, using one of the most difficult documents is to pay taxes. The first one goes to Diane Rwigara to go to the family and the executive,” Badege told Igihe network.



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