I won’t let you kill Uganda so I can get votes-Museveni  

Museveni campaigns for NRM Kalungu flag bearer

President Yoweri Museveni spent Tuesday in the new district of Kalungu campaigning for Richard Kyabagu, the NRM flag-bearer for LC5 chairperson.

Of the 89 parishes in Kalungu, 84 have government-aided primary schools. Kyabagu will have the task of ensuring the remaining five are attended to, the president told a rally.

He said there are 21 secondary schools with only Lukaya Town Council lacking this facility and promised that they will get one.

“I know that Bwesa Parish, Kalungu East where I held one rally, has a problem of electricity but we have not forgotten you. I fought from Bugomola, I know this area very well.”

He added: “However, when you work on the road, you cannot immediately work on the electricity at the same time.”

Museveni said his government works on one project at a time because of the limited resources, noting that even God created the world in six days, one step at a time.

Already areas like Lukaya, Kiyaga, Muluula, Nabwato will be connected soon, he promised saying they got money from Abu Dhabi to undertake this project and every area will be connected.

“We have just finished the Kampala-Masaka road at Shs440b and we are now working on the road from Kanoni, Kisozi to Villa Maria, using government money.”

He said government has provided districts with road construction equipment to help work on small roads. The government will continue working on the main roads.

“I started an operation against illegal fishing and catching immature fish. I hear this is being used against me and the NRM,” Museveni said.

“Yes, I stopped catching of young fish in order to preserve our lakes and our fish.”

The president said he has instructed the Agriculture Minister, Vincent Bamulangaki Ssempijja, to dig ponds to run as private business while preserving fish.

“As a leader, I do not let you kill the nation just so that you vote for me. If you are destroying the nation or yourself, I must tell you,” he pointed out, adding “Like I did at the height of the Aids scourge, reminding you to avoid reckless sexual behaviour.”

The president said he has done the same, warning Ugandans against alcoholism and now catching immature fish.

Kalungu voters go to the polls on Thursday this week to elect their LC V chairperson following the nullification of the previous polls results over electoral malpractice.

The other candidates are Emmanuel Musoke of the Democratic Party, David Busagwa Luyombo and Mathias Kintu Musoke, both independents.



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