Age limit: Oboi allies predict chaos, glorify Besigye defiance

Joseph Alfred Chemonges, the FDC chairman Kapchorwa district speaking at a rally

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] presidential candidate, Hon Patrick Amuriat Oboi, took his campaign trail to Iganga district on Tuesday to canvass support for the party’s top office.

Oboi started first met party delegates from Sebei sub-region in Kapchorwa town.

Speaking at the meeting, Joseph Alfred Chemonges, the FDC chairman Kapchorwa district, said he calls the president “Mr. Museveni” Wrn Kizza-Besigye “His Excellency” because “Museveni rigged”.

“That is why they imprisoned Besigye for almost 100 days. We must therefore continue fighting to reclaim our victory.”

Chemonges cited another attempt to tamper with the Constitution saying this will cause chaos in Uganda.

Victoria University

“We know that members of Parliament can be bribed. Let’s come up and fight,” he rallied members of the opposition.

Cheptai Rashid, the FDC chairman for Kween, said it is defiance that has made FDC to remain vibrant.

“I want to thank Ingrid Turinawe for building the women league.  And as of now we have great women leaders in the party.”

He said if defiance hadn’t come FDC would be in oblivion.  “I am happy that POA has come!  I have a question we seem to have leaders who can’t reclaim our victory.”

He added: “I think we need POA to fight for our victory.  We don’t need leaders who sit back.  We need power before 2021. Our party leader hasn’t been at the forefront in reclaiming our victory.  I think we need POA to do this for us.”

After meeting delegates, his campaign team went to do a rally with the people of Iganga to support Mariam, the FDC Woman MP Iganga district candidate.

“It was new energy, the youth and women of Iganga moved a long distance to come listen to us. This election is about the people in the villages; we will take the party to them. We will grow the party together!” Oboi said.

He thanked the people of Iganga for the massive support of his party and candidate.

“To the delegates of Iganga, this is the moment to support and vote for a Party President who will be with you in your villages. It is time to act,” Oboi noted.



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