We survived Mbabazi ploy to finish us-Musumba

Salaamu Musumba

Proscovia Salaamu Musumba, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) vice president, has asked fellow opposition members to stop talking and start acting.

Musumba was Monday speaking at a rally of FDC presidential candidate, Hon Patrick Oboi Amuriat [POA] in Iganga district.

“We are in a game of ‘men’ and we must stop talking and start doing. This is not about POA it’s about our political future.”

She recalled that the ruling party National Resistance Movement [NRM] promised to finish off FDC as a party.

“Every season has its players and people who can manage it. Even those who brought Amama Mbabazi [former prime minister] had come for us.”

Victoria University

Amama clashed with FDC strongman, Kizza Besigye, during The Democratic Alliance [TDA] days leading to his standing as an independent candidate in 2016 elections yet opposition had sought to front a single candidate.

Musumba says FDC jumped them [those who brought Mbabazi].

“Your vote is important. If you are not clear, don’t come to vote because you will collapse Uganda,” she told FDC supporters who turned up for the rally.

Musumba said FDC is badly off as a party and a country yet it is the hope for Uganda.

“NRM is a dead body even if you make it wear a suit it will remain dead,” she argued, adding that the things they do at night will be known when the day comes.

Ingrid, Kaija, Oguttu were among those present

“Let’s stop talking and stop doing. Let’s have Busoga leaders’ forum again. I have been beaten but I haven’t become cheap up to know.”

Musumba said she doesn’t follow WhatsApp for she is beyond.

“How do you abuse Amuriat Oboi who has been an MP for 15 years? I was only MP for 10 years. How do you abuse him when you don’t even know how to lose an election?” she lashed out at haters.

Amuriat is on his Busoga campaign trail accompanied by the FDC group comprising of mobilisation secretary, Ingrid Turinawe, former Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Wafula Oguttu, FDC deputy secretary general, Harold Kaija, among others.

“We will have a discussion with our party delegates of Iganga district and later campaign for our district MP candidate Mariam Nantale,” Amuriat earlier said.

He aims to establish a Leadership Academy for the FDC party.

Amuriat campaigns in Busoga

“Through this academy, we will Identify, Groom and Train leaders well in time, ahead of elections,” he pledged.

He added: “This will help us reduce the stress of hurriedly identifying candidates who sometimes are not ready or not available at all.”

At his nomination, Amuriat said that this campaign is about taking a message of hope and growth across the country.

He received a great welcome in Kamuli and Buyende over the weekend.



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