Tamale: State mafia behind Entebbe women murders

An illustration of how the victims are killed [By Daily Monitor]

Outspoken presidential advisor on media matters, Tamale Mirundi, claims Entebbe municipality murders are being orchestrated by mafia within the government.

Police has since arrested two serial killers said to have participated in the recent rape and murder of women in wakiso district.

This follows the recent murders in Entebbe, Katabi and Nansana Municipalities of 19 women have in the past three months.

The body of the latest victim, Jalia Nalule, was discovered on Monday, 28th August 2017 in a forest reserve in Nkumba.

Mirundi blames mafia

Victoria University

Appearing on NBS “Extra” programme Tuesday, Mirundi wondered why the usually excited movement (NRM) ladies haven’t demonstrated about the murders yet?

“As a Catholic, I would be worried if I found a man selling condoms near a convent. So this is a minor issue,” Mirundi said, adding, “That’s the hallmark of the mafia of Uganda.”

He said the same mafia that are behind these murders have been propping Museveni up in State House so they can continue milking money from him.

“When they [mafia] need money, they sacrifice a few people. They need Museveni to release the money.”

Mirundi said Ugandan mafia love money to the extent that they kill for it. “Your problem is money, you can even kill your father because of money. You can even kill Mirundi to scare people.”

He added: “When you are mean at home, your children find a way to milk you. It’s the same issue here. They ‘need’ money from the president.”

Mirundi recalled the Museveni has reacted to the murders already and that he has requested a meeting with International Security Organisation [ISO].

“The mafia in Uganda is very unique. When they need money, they don’t need any help and go out of their way to get it,” he noted, clarifying that when a dog detects a python or a leopard, it runs far away.

“So when the mafia start attacking, our ministers take to the heels. Once a situation reaches such a level, he (president) can do two things; change his cabinet or borrow his friend’s heads.”

According to Mirundi, the most powerful person in politics is one who can get votes. “You derive your power from the votes and from the people.”

Kadaga tasks security

Addressing press on Tuesday, the Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga, condemned the murders and urged government to provide the required security to allow for persons to live without fear.

“I note that the Minister of Security has camped in Entebbe;  I appeal to government to ensure the constitutional rights of women, to be able to go and work, and go home and live their lives,” said Kadaga, who addressed a press conference on the issue at Parliament Building today, Tuesday 29th August 2017.

She condemned the cruel way in which victims are treated before they are killed and conveyed her condolences to the families of those killed.

“I ask the local leaders to be more vigilant about security in their areas. They need to know who is new in the areas, where they are from and their patterns of movement,” said Kadaga.

She said that the IGP, Gen. Kale Kayihura, last week linked the killings to ritual sacrifice, saying that a businessman in Nasana had been arrested on suspicion of being behind the murders.

She called on the Police to urgently investigate and cause the prosecution of the perpetuators.

The Speaker said she would ask the Minister of Internal Affairs to present a Statement about the killings when plenary resumes sittings on Tuesday next week.

Hon. Jovah Kamateeka (NRM, Mitooma district), the Chairperson of the Committee on Human Rights, said men who attack women are weak and urged men to protect all women.



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