Factors that affect the learning process

Some factors that affect the student’s learning process

How education technology in the classroom empowers students

Whatever the various educational situations, concepts of learning, types of educational actions, motives and sources of educational activity were not considered, they all have somewhat common. Their ultimate task is to direct the student’s efforts to learn for some reason, to write any work such as the custom essay without any problem.

If there is no effort directed towards the educational goal, then there is no study itself. This universal component of any purposeful study is called learning. The first condition of learning is that what needs to be learned and mastered must be reflected in the psyche, separated from all other aspects of the external and inner world that are perceived. Or the search of some writing tips which will help you in fulfilling this or that task.

The information that is not available cannot be learned and processed. Learning can be provided if there is something to learn. Certain objects, events and properties can cause the activity of the psyche, which is expressed in mind, because they are related to the internal sources of its activities – the need for information, the needs of the individual, its inclinations and goals. Identifying the personality of a person in the selection, processing and use of information psychologists called the settings.

Many experiments and observations show an important, sometimes crucial, attitudes of the individual in the educational activity. So, in one of the experiments, two groups of students learned the same thing in the same way with the same number of repetitions of the same material. But one group was warned that the material would not be repeated until the check, and the other one said that before the check it would be possible to repeat. Then unexpectedly both groups checked. It turned out that the students who hoped to convey the material remembered it much worse. Such students often try to use the writing essay service which makes it easier for them to study.

Studies show that the guideline determines both the time and the strength, and the nature of the memorization. The practice of “exams” preserves knowledge only before leaving the examining audience. Moreover, the perception of the same information without having to install it for learning often does not give any knowledge at all. Thus, the problem of attention and set-up for studying is a student’s motivation problem.

Both the attention and the installation on the doctrine are an external reflection of a certain orientation of the student’s mental and practical activity, namely the orientation towards the results, goals, or learning process, the desire for the thesis writing.

  • The first such property of the educational material is its content.
  • The subject of learning may be factual data or generalized knowledge, concepts or principles, actions or operations, skills or abilities.
  • The second property of the educational material is its form.

Any of these forms of teaching material is a kind of language that serves to convey certain information – signal, content, value or command.

The student’s personality is a person who develops and changes. Already freshmen who have moved away from school graduates have new qualitative features: increased self-esteem, a variety of interests in different branches of knowledge, new in their own views on representatives of another gender, relatively large self-freedom and independence from parents, etc.

So the speed and strength of mastering knowledge, skills, abilities, difficulties, errors depend on individual characteristics as cognitive processes, and the motives of educational activity, abilities and other properties of the student’s personality.



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