Critics: Museveni has failed, Uganda better off without him

President Museveni signs a visitors' book in Equatorial Guinea

Critics claim Uganda will be a better country without President Yoweri Museveni, saying he has so far failed in his mission to modernise the East African nation.

David Kabanda, the NRM youth leader for Sembabule district described the President as a man that marries a woman and has quite a number of children that he cannot afford to pay tuition for.

He said such a man would then stand at a ceremony and criticize his wife for having too many children.

“President Museveni has for a long time been told by the opposition to stop creating too many agencies,” Kabanda said on Sunday while appearing on NBS TV “Eagle” programme.

Kabanda pointed out that Museveni has told the opposition that he knows his house very well and can take care of it. “He has now failed.”

Victoria University

The ruling party youth leader wondered why the president would assign Uganda National Roads Authority [UNRA] to be in-charge of roads and still have a Ministry of works.

“Uganda is like Zambia. There is no more development going on. They keep a President in power so that he can easily be manipulated.”

Radio personality, Mivule Basajja who was appearing on the same show, described President as a clever man who keeps the people that would discuss his oust in the many agencies he creates.

“He keeps these people surrounded by money that they lose the vision. However I would like to tell Ugandans that the economy is not doing financially well.”

He said the government can no-longer sustain the agencies and that it no-longer has an OC, DP, MP that does things out of their given responsibility.

“The only thing we have in Uganda is President Museveni. Members of Parliament cannot make a decision without consulting with President Museveni.”

Host: Do you think Uganda would be a better country without President Museveni?

Mivule: No. It would not. Uganda will only be a better country without Museveni if people passionate about change take charge.

Host: Does Uganda need LC1 elections?

Mivule: Yes, we do.

Kabanda: Yes, we do. We have wanted the elections since ever. My only query is why Shs15bn was allocated for the elections. Why do citizens need sensitization?



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