Rwenzururu faces collapse: Mumbere, Queen mother split

Museveni, Queen Mother and Mumbere

A consultative meeting involving youth and women in Kasese convened by Christine Mukirania, the Queen Mother of Rwenzururu kingdom, has asked the Royal family to put its house in order before engaging its subjects on sensitive matters.

The meeting was held on Friday at the Queen Mother’s residence in Kigali cell, Nyakabingo ward in Kasese Municipality under the leadership of Aprunalis Kalibogha Kithende, the former Bukonzo East Member of Parliament.

The queen mother says the meeting was aimed at engaging youths and women to join her endeavours to save Rwenzururu kingdom from collapse.

During the meeting, Mukirania repeated her earlier accusations against her son, King Charles Wesley Mumbere for drifting away from the agenda of her father Isaya Mukirania of building a cultural institution on biblical principals as opposed to witchcraft.

Unlike in the past, when she demanded a return to the Mukirania’s agenda, this time around she asked the participants to join her efforts in saving her son from possible imprisonment as he battles multiple criminal charges in court.

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Speaking at the same meeting, Mumbere’s young brother, William Sibibuka disclosed that basing on the meetings their mother and the Chief Prince Christopher Kibanzanga have held with president, Yoweri Museveni, the best way to save the king would be assembling a team of elders, women and youths to engage the central government.

They also claimed that the Prime Ministerial Commission appointed by Mumbere a few months ago to engage the central government is has no mandate since it looks politically motivated.

As a result, the participants challenged the royal family to first mend their differences and approach the subjects with one voice.

The Queen Mother seeks to lead a breakaway faction opposed to her son.

In an earlier interview with URN at her home in Kigali cell, Nyakabingo ward in Kasese Municipality, the Queen Mother says there is need for the rest of the royal family to separate from Mumbere because he has drifted away from the original agenda set by his late father Isaya Mukirania.

The outspoken Christine Mukirania, in her eighties, accuses Mumbere of running the kingdom affairs with the help of witchcraft as opposed to the biblically guided cultural institution founded in 1966 by his father Isaya Mukirania.

She says that Irema-Ngoma, as Mumbere is referred to by the royal family, has decided to oppose the ways of his father by surrounding himself with witchdoctors who in the long run have misled him.

Christine Mukirania says that for a long time since succeeded his father in October 1966, Mumbere has opposed members of the royal family including his young brother, current Agriculture State Minister Christopher Kibanzanga.

She further alleges that Mumbere, who is currently restricted to staying in Kampala as per his bail terms, claims that the current kingship is for him and his immediate family, adding that those following the agenda of his late father should go their own way.

Mumbere and at least 149 of his supporters face treason, terrorism and murder among other charges connected to the November 2016 raid on his palace by the army.

More than 100 people died during the raid commanded by current commander of the Land Forces, Major General Peter Elwelu.

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