Heat on prisons boss over inmate in Uganda “prison break” version

Babylon Anywar rides away on police bike

A picture of an inmate donning the yellow uniform and riding a police motorcycle made rounds on social media over the weekend.

The bare-footed prisoner is seen cycling away at a break-knock speed on a police bike Reg No UP 4232 as if someone was chasing him.

Social media users suggested that probably he was an actor in the Ugandan version of a series titled: “Prison Break”.

“Prison Break” tells the story of Michael Scofield, a desperate man in a desperate situation. His brother, Lincoln Burrows, was convicted of a crime he didn’t commit and put on Death Row.

Michael holds up a bank to get himself incarcerated alongside his brother in Fox River State Penitentiary, then sets in motion a series of elaborate plans to break Lincoln out and prove his innocence.

Once out of jail, their perils aren’t over — the brothers must flee to escape recapture and battle an intricate political conspiracy that puts everyone’s life at risk.

Now, relating a Ugandan inmate whizzing away a police bike to the American actor was only the comical side of the matter.

Other social media users lashed at police for being negligent and allowing convicts to live an easy care-free life when they should be surviving sentences as per their deserved punishments.

Police spokesperson, Asan Kasingye, identified the inmate as Babylon Anywar, from one of the police stations in Kitgum Northern Uganda.

He said the inmate had been assigned the bike to repair it and had gone to buy spare parts.

“Two weeks ago, the OC Station requested the Prison authorities to help them out with Prisoner Babylon Anywar, a motorcycle repairer,” Kasingye said.

“Motorcycle positively identified. It’s deployed at Kitgum Police station. Still establishing circumstances under which a prisoner used it,” Kasingye tweeted.

He added: “The OC two weeks ago requested Prison authority to allow prisoner Babylon Anywar a motorcycle repairer to help repair it. Was going to buy a spare.”

Uganda Prisons commissioner general, Johnson Byabashaija‏, also spoke out on the picture.

“Oooooooh, the omission was not to carry a Prison Askari. Point noted for further action,” Byabashaija tweeted in response to Kasingye.

A concerned citizen Kyogereko‏ [@Jeffssentongo] then reminded Byabashaija: “Oversight notwithstanding. Possibly he wasn’t considered a risk…even trusted to ride the bike to pick the spares.”

Byabashaija‏ replied: “You are correct! Risk assessment is the bedrock of rehabilitation.”



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