Mushrooming agencies: Museveni kicks off 2021 campaigns

The President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni together with the first lady Janet Museveni campaign at a rally at Kyamate Secondary School playground on 8th January 2016.

Members of the fourth estate have concluded that the whole hullabaloo about mushrooming state agencies and authorities is a platform for President Yoweri Museveni who has kicked off 2021 presidential campaigns in style.

NBS TV presenter Simon Kaggwa Njala speaking on “NBS Media Round Table” programme Friday, said ministries have chosen to be redundant.

“Senior officials have decided to hold their hands and await a calamity. Salaries of regulatory authorities in Uganda,” he noted.

According to Njala, these salaries are well deserved, the employees are qualified for the positions and need motivation to work.

He said it is rather absurd that we have narrowed the discussion about the appointment down to people’s characters.

Victoria University

It was NBS TV journalist Joseph Sabiti who revealed that President Museveni has started campaigns for 2021.

“When you have a debate on age limit, all you have to do is go for a popular vote. The president sounds serious in the letter he wrote to the ministries because he wants to win over ‘me and you’,” Sabiti argued.

He said Museveni is setting pace for 2021 and is not retiring soon, citing the appointment of Justice Owiny Dollo Alphonse as the deputy Chief Justice.

“I feel sorry for my kinsman. He has entered the dance of monkeys and definitely tails have to tangle. He is a good man who has gotten into a rotten system. He will have to save MPs guilty of all kinds of charges.”

Anderson Lukwago, Radio One host, said: “When I saw the letter I was shocked, it showed that the president is not in charge.”

On appointment of Owiny Dollo, Lukwago said the justice has time to prove to the people that he has been a good judge with this new office.

NBS TV’s Mildred Tuhaise believes President is playing mind games and justifying his Kisanja “Hakuna Mchezo”.

She said Justice Owiny Dollo has a huge task of restoring sanity to the high court.

“There are so many expectations from the office of the deputy chief justice and whether Justice Dollo can pull it off is up to him. He however will be guided by the constitution. He has proved to be a good judge.”

On Muslim clerics’ verdict, Tuhaise wondered who is killing Ugandans and why are these cases still pronounced?

According Uganda Radio Network [URN] news editor, John Baptist Imokola, President Museveni because there are too many agencies springing up.

“We know the salaries the people in the ministries earn. Why has the president given them much time to clean up? This can only mean that president is buying more time so that he can introduce a political angle to the matter,” Imokola said.

“The 3rd angle to the matter is what lessons do we learn? We have made a mistake as a country and we need a polish.”

On Muslim clerics’ case, Imokola said the people that were involved in the investigations of this case got excited.

“This can only show there is a problem with our investigations unit of the police. We have fallen AIGP Felix Kaweesi’s case pending.”



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