Muntu: this is my last term, it’s the will of God

Muntu speaking at a rally in Lango sub region

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] candidate, Mugisha Muntu, has asked the people of Lango sub-region in northern Uganda to vote him one last time.

“Colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, delegates, I am seeking for your vote for a last term,” Muntu told Langi’s who gathered at his rally on Friday.

He went on: “I can guarantee you one thing, if it is the will of God and your desire and you give me the last term.”

Muntu said the moment he steps aside, he will have another lesson to teach that is “how to act when you are outside responsibility to progress an organisation”.

While meeting delegates from Nebbi, Pakwach and Zombie districts, Muntu interfaced with Doreen Nakawola, 24, the National youth League chairperson.

Doreen Nakawola,24. National youth League chairperson

Nakawola praised Muntu as a leader who sees the youth as the heartbeat of the party.

“He understands that we are not just the future but the current glue that holds the party, not elders who cling to positions,” she told delegates.

Tonny Eribu, 27, the Chairperson youth League, Lira district, said Muntu mentors and organises trainings for youth within the party because he knows his generation won’t last forever. “He grooms the youth.”

Izati Khan Bin Ibrahim Sultan, 27, Youth chairperson for Mukono and National Youth Treasurer, said he never supported Muntu last time and yet he supported those who didn’t support him to secure their seats at local level.

“He [Muntu] doesn’t think about himself but the party,” Sultan said.

“When Gen Muntu contested with Dr. Kizza Besigye,  we the Alur and Jonam made a” kwong” Kwong-traditional oath that is punishable once you go against it) that we support Dr. Besigye,” Hon Emmanuel Ongiertho, the FDC MP Jonam County, Pakwach district, said.

Hon Emmanuel Ongiertho

“Today, I want us to make a kwong and support Gen Muntu,” he asked fellow voters.

Ongiertho said he used to be an interpreter of Gen. Muntu in the region when he was still the secretary for mobilisation.

“One day, I had gone with him in Porombo, he told us that as big as an elephant is,  even the first spear you put in it is important.”

He added: “By the time you give it the 3rd, it is simply resting. It is against this background that I support Gen Muntu.”

He said many people have talked about many things about Gen Muntu’s honesty and tolerance.

“This is not about vote seeking. As an MP and a member of NEC, I have witnessed these things. Let me tell you Gen Muntu, when some of those people start abusing in NEC, some us feel very angry,” he said.

He added: “I am beginning to appreciate why you choose to keep quiet. Imagine if he was to react by suspending some, would we still be having a party to talk about? He is very honest and tolerant.”



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