MP Denis Sabiti grilled over SGS dealings

MP Denis SabiIti [C] after winning a court case

Legislators have questioned Rubanda West MP Denis Sabiiti over his alleged personal dealings with vehicle inspection contractor Societe Generle De Surveillance (SGS).

Eng. Denis Sabiiti, the former chairman of the Contracts Management Committee in the Ministry of Works and Transport, appeared before parliament’s physical infrastructure committee to respond to issues raised in a confidential document furnished to the committee by the State Minister for Transport, Aggrey Bagiire.

The minister, while appearing before the committee early this month, gave the committee two documents with one detailing the chronology of events as per his personal investigation into SGS while the other he said was a highly confidential document which he asked the committee to consider.

URN has learnt that the confidential document before the committee says Sabiiti was on the SGS payroll for ten months as a consultant being paid 3,000 US Dollars, an amount equivalent to over 10 million Shillings per month.

The details revealed in a one-paper document indicate that this particular deal between SGS and Sabiiti reportedly happened immediately after the signing of the vehicle inspection contract in March 2015, which Sabiiti witnessed having been the chairman of the Contracts Management Committee in the ministry.

Victoria University

It is alleged that Sabiiti remained in close contact with SGS even after resigning his position in the ministry in a bid to join the 2016 parliamentary contest.

Lillian Nakate, parliament’s physical infrastructure committee chairperson, today put this allegation to Sabiiti saying that it was in a bid to give in a fair hearing on the matter.

Source: Radio Network



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