I’m no NRM mole, Muntu puts out campaign rides

Muntu's campaign trucks

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] presidential candidate, Mugisha Muntu, has dismissed reports claiming he is just a ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] mole planted in the opposition.

“What I offer, is principled leadership that has been tested through war and peace,” Muntu said, adding, “I took a bullet just centimetres to my heart to achieve equal opportunity and shared prosperity for all.”

Muntu says three decades later, he is as passionate about justice as he was then.

“I will not sacrifice these sacred values at the altar of self-aggrandisement.”

He said some people seem are unable to grasp the idea that one can disagree on principle.

Victoria University

“We will not lower our democratic values and freedoms simply to score personal points politically.”

Defiance or civil disobedience?

Shaking off allegations that he is against Kizza Besigye’s defiance campaign, Muntu said some people want them to believe that civil disobedience and party building are conflicting approaches.

“We reject that narrative. There is no conflict between defiance and party building. They go hand in hand.”

He said over the past five years, FDC has achieved some success in having both options discussed and implemented within the party.


“Many people do not realise how important it us to create an open environment where members of the party can debate openly without fear.”

He adds: “But in truth, the fact that we have a vibrant party with individuals passionately debating and even disagreeing with those in senior leadership, is no mean feat. We are fighting a dictatorship.”

In order to be successful, Muntu argued, FDC must demonstrate to the people of Uganda that they espouse different values.

“Those who think I’m being weak or too soft on dissent need to recognise that it is our ability to be agreeable even when we disagree, that sets us apart as a truly democratic institution.”

He said Ugandans are looking for different kind of leadership from the raw deal they are currently getting under General Museveni. FDC should be able to heed that call and step up to the plate.

“And in order to do that, we must unequivocally show Ugandans that our way of doing things is different. That we are not simply trying to replace one dictatorship with another.”

“This is why I am running for re-election; to cement our budding value system, complete our grassroots presence and get ready to lead Uganda as it deserves.”

He will kick-off his campaigns beginning with areas of northern Uganda.

The outgoing FDC president has already released vehicle inscribed on “Muntu4Uganda” to start a countrywide search for votes.



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