Anselm Besigye shares class with Malia Obama at Harvard

Besigye, Anselm and Winnie

The son of former presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, and Oxfam executive director, Winnie Byanyima, has started his studies at the prestigious American University, Harvard.

In 2016, Anselm Besigye was admitted to Harvard University, popularly known to be a place for the brightest people in the world.

Winnie and Anselm

Anselm was on Monday escorted by his parents on his first day at Harvard University.

“Anselm begins his first day at College.  Many happy and anxious parents filled Sander’s Theatre for Official Welcome. Thanks @Harvard!” Besigye tweeted.

Victoria University

“Just moved Anselm and his boxes into Harvard to start his journey to adulthood, but worried about hate and bigotry being spewed out by leaders here,’’ Winnie also tweeted.

She went on: “Love, joy, curiosity, caring for others – that’s what I saw in the eyes of the Harvard class of 2021! I wish them all the best!”

Also in 2016, Anselm was elected captain of the Oxford debating union.

In May this year, Anselm acquired a diploma from Choate in Manchester United Kingdom.

In 2014, at the Belmont Hill School, Anselm scooped a trophy in a school based debate about the fundamental issues like minimum wage for the working class people in society.

Anselm will rub shoulders with Obama’s daughter

Among the other freshmen this year is Malia Obama, daughter to former US President, Barack Obama.

Malia was spotted at Harvard University this week avoiding paparazzi with the help of Secret Service agents.

Michelle and Barack Obama quietly moved their firstborn into a freshman dorm at the Ivy League school. The (arguably) most famous member of Harvard’s Class of 2021 has arrived.

Malia, who is 19, graduated last year from Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C., and took a gap year.

She did an internship with film and TV production company Weinstein Co. in New York, according to People, and did some traveling, including a family trip to Bali this summer.

Though she’s certainly not the first celebrity to attend Harvard – Natalie Portman is a graduate – Malia’s purposefully low-key arrival on campus managed to prompt a bit of buzz on social media.

Paparazzi tried to get close to the former president and first lady as they walked about Harvard Square, but Malia is trying to fly under the radar.

A reporter for The Boston Globe who saw her out and about town on Tuesday approached her and asked for an interview.

Last year the former president told People the advice he gave his oldest daughter about college. He and his wife are both graduates of Harvard Law School.

She’s not the only first daughter hitting campus this year. Tiffany Trump, 23, began orientation at Georgetown University’s law school in D.C. this week.

Additional reporting by The Globe



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