Angola Gen João Lourenço wins presidential poll

Gen João Lourenço

The ruling People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola won ​64.6​% of the vote in national elections, preliminary results released by the electoral commission showed Thursday, setting the stage for João Lourenço to become the country’s first new president in 38 years.

The result is a tangible drop for the MPLA, which in the last elections in 2012 won 72% of the vote.

The opposition National Union of for the Total Independence of Angola, or Unita, received 24.4 % of the vote in Wednesday’s elections, while the Broad Convergence for the Salvation of Angola—Electoral Coalition, or CASA-CE, got 8.6 %, the commission said.

Mr. Lourenço, a former general and defense minister who rose through the ranks of the MPLA, will take over from José Eduardo dos Santos, who became president of Angola in 1979.

Many Angolans credit Mr. dos Santos with ending Angola’s 27-year civil war, which lasted until 2002 and killed 1.5 million people, and the decadelong oil-fueled boom that followed.

Victoria University

That boom went bust in 2014, with the drop in oil prices, which brought into focus allegations of mismanagement of the country’s resources and rampant corruption among top government officials.

Source: Wall Street Journal



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