Twitter war: Tumwebaze, Muntu lock horns as Alaso wrestles Ofwono

Tumwebaze attending Gender Media Awards

A silent war has been ongoing on Twitter between the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] officials and those of opposition Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] for weeks now.

You could say the NRM-FDC Twitter war was intensified by the party secretary general, Hon Nandala Mafabi, back on August 17, 2017.

While appearing on NBS TV “Frontline” programme, Mafabi said: “When you are confronting a leopard you do not confront it while laughing.”

He said it is only FDC which makes structures and NRM wants to buy them, adding that FDC is growing but NRM doesn’t want that.

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Appearing on Urban Television on August 19 [two days later], Mike Sebalu, who served as the Spokesperson of President Yoweri Museveni’s taskforce during 2016 elections, meddled in FDC presidential elections.

“Contradictory – One thing is clear he (NandalaMafabi) is fronting a candidate cc. @Tracykyakyo,” Sebalu said while appearing on “Focal Point” programme.

Mafabi who earlier expressed interest in standing for party presidency but later quit, quoted Sebalu and asked Urban TV Uganda to “Tell Mr Sebalu that in FDC there are no ring fenced positions, all members are free to contest for any position.”

The next day August 20, ICT minister Frank Tumwebaze, picked on a story where Museveni was asking Maj. John Kazoora and Amanya Mushega to shun opposition and return to the ruling party.

“H.E @KagutaMuseveni calls upon old comrades to reconcile & return. What united them then is much bigger #GreatWisdom,” Tumwebaze tweeted.

FDC party using its official twitter handle @FDCOfficial1 replied: “Great wisdom is respecting multiparty politics and this is far from it.”

The next day August 21, government spokesperson also deputy NRM spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, went on and on about government achievements in a breakdown of Museveni’s manifesto running under the hashtag “NRMAudit17”.

FDC vice president also acting president, Alice Alaso, picked out Opondo’s points and punched holes in each and one of them in what Lydia Namubiru, a journalist and researcher at ACME Uganda called “throwing so many truth bombs on panel for #NRMAudit”.

“Where are the sanitary pads for the girls? What happened in Kasese? What peace and security for girls in Entebbe?” Alaso quizzed Opondo.

“Where is the money for sanitary pads? …Army worm followed the army in agriculture,” she further pointed out.

Opondo had managed to explain that although not every promise was met, NRM government has done a lot for Ugandans and should not be blamed.

On August 21, while appearing at a joint press conference for party candidates, Mugisha Muntu, was quoted by NTV saying he was locked out of the defiance campaign by Kizza Besigye’s group.

“My appeal to colleagues who want to use defiance as an identity not to go in that direction,” Muntu said.

Tumwebaze jumped on the tweet and went verbose: “Sorry @mugishamuntu .That is the intolerance of ur team. Choose Politics of the answer & Not the anger (“defiance”). Ideas & not emotions.”

Muntu replied: “Party Presidency Elections: @FDCOfficial1= 3 in 14 years @NRMOnline = 0 in 31 years. And you want to join our internal debate about intolerance?”

Adeke Anna Ebaju, the National Female Youth MP and former Makerere University Guild President, tried to intervene: “NRM has no locus to speak about internal party democracy.”

FDC party then concluded the debate with a reminder to Tumwebaze: “As @NRMOnline waits for 31 years, and counting without a Party Presidential debate, you will have a chance to watch ours, live on 3rd Nov. 2017.”



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