It’ll still rain when Museveni loses power, Tamale tells Mushega

Tamale Mirundi

Loose-tongued presidential advisor on media matters, Tamale Mirundi, has advised opposition Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] politician, Amanya Mushega, to return to the ruling party if he doesn’t want President Yoweri Museveni to stay in power.

On Saturday, Nuwe Amanya Mushega, asked Museveni to hand over power to another person in a peaceful transition while speaking at the wedding reception of his daughter, Kobusingye Kukunda Mushega, and Arnold Akandinda Kazoora, the son of Maj. John Kazoora held at Mawanda Gardens in Kireka, Wakiso district.

Mushega told Museveni, who was present at the event, that wherever he goes, people ask for all sorts of things implying that the president has not impacted everyone despite the long time spent in power.

“I also want to ask for something Mr President,” Mushega stated, cleared his voice and continued: “I knew you in 1969 when we were university students.”

Mushega reminded Museveni that as youth, they fought in the bush war of 1986 to change the country for the better.

“We fought together in the bush for liberation of this country. I now ask of you, kindly allow me the opportunity to go to Kololo to witness a President handing over to another President in my life time,” Mushega appealed.

Appearing on NBS TV “Extra” programme Tuesday, Mirundi said he thinks Museveni believes hatred is in western Uganda.

“If you [Mushega] don’t want him [Museveni] to rule again, then go to his party and deny him a chance to stand again.”

He added: “Will it fail to rain when he loses?”

According to Mirundi, politics is like blood, it goes where it is needed.

He said a man responds to demands just like the government can’t give “you anything, they react first to demands and pressure”.

Mushega’s call for Museveni to peacefully hand over power was widely received by opposition members, critics and social commentators alike.



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