Age limit: NRM starts ‘Tugikwateemu’ to counter DP ‘K’ogikwatako’

NRM’s “Tugikwateemu” is countering DP’s “K’ogikwatako” drive

A new National Resistance Movement (NRM) party group has launched a campaign to counter opposition Democratic Party (DP)’s “K’ogikwatako” drive against lifting of the presidential age limit.

Led by its part president, Norbert Mao, DP launched the “K’ogikwatako” [don’t dare touch Article 102 (b)] campaign last month protesting plans to amend Article 102 (b) to remove the 75-year upper age-limit for a presidential candidate.

The Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Winnie Kiiza, also launched her own drive to de-campaign land amendment bill as well as the scrapping of the presidential age limit.

On Monday, a NRM group led by former Lubaga South parliamentary aspirant, Faridah Mayanja, met with NRM youth at Nakivubo Blue primary school and Paya gardens in Nakulabye, a Kampala suburb.

The youth were clad in T-shirts inscribed with the words, “Tutereeze article 102 (b)” [Let us amend article 102 (b)] and “Mzee abeewo” (Museveni should stay).

Victoria University

Mayanja tasked them to recruit activists to support President Museveni stay in power by countering the opposition campaign that wants him out of office.

The Observer quotes Mayanja telling the youths not to be swayed by the opposition campaigns against the amendment of the constitution, but to offer support to President Museveni.

She told them President Museveni “has done a lot of good things for us like job creation, road construction and youth funds have been disbursed”.

She added: “As a person, I don’t want people to fight about Article 102 but correct it in a more civilized way.”

Another group camped at Paya gardens in Nakulabye consisting of youths between 18 and 25 years and drawn from Kiwunya in Nakulabye, Kisekka market and Kisenyi slums.

According to the report, when Grace Ssozi Nambaale, the NRM women councillor, failed to show up, the youth who had waited impatiently for drinks and snacks resorted to openly drinking waragi (local gin) in sachets and smoking marijuana.

The management of Paya gardens became nervous at the sight of youths freely smoking marijuana while it emerged that one of the youths from Kiwunya had grabbed the T-shirt from another from Kisenyi.

The youths from Kisekka market and Kisenyi then ganged up against those from Kiwunya, accusing them of disrespect. A physical fight ensued outside the venue, with the youths pelting each other with stones.

When they were later separated, the youth broke into a “Tugikwateemu” chorus meaning “let us amend the Constitution”.

NRM deputy secretary general, Richard Todwong, told The Observer any party member is free to hold a counter campaign against the opposition, in light of Article 102 (b).



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