Muntu accuses Besigye of personalising defiance

Party Presidential candidates jointly addressing the press at the Party Headquarters, Najjanankumbi

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] Presidential candidate, Mugisha Muntu, has denied claims by some party members that he was not interested in the defiance campaign.

Speaking during the join press briefing by all candidates at FDC offices in Najjankumbi on Monday, Muntu said the campaign launched by Dr. Kiiza Besigye before the 2016 general elections was monopolised by his clique.

Muntu explained that when Besigye’s clique locked him out of the campaign, he also opted for his own drive aimed at organising the party and building structures.

“It was personalised by a certain group. Despite being personalised, I still participated in the campaign,” Muntu explained.

Muntu said it was not right for anyone to have a feeling of entitlement and that defiance should be open broad thing anybody who wants to participate.

Victoria University

“It looks like we have reached a situation where some people are seemingly giving out certificates. We now have to apply and be accepted or rejected. Certainly, I have been denied entry.”

He added: “For anybody to try assuming the role of appointing who can be and who can’t be, that is arrogance and I have fought arrogance all my life; nobody can take that position to choose who should be involved in civil disobedience and who should not.”

Leader of Opposition

Muntu also cited a case in which members accused him of appointing the Leader of Opposition in Parliament (LOP) contrary to popular views.

According to him, the decision was taken by the party not himself, individually. He said Besigye did the same thing.

“In 2006, we believed that we had won the presidential elections and were cheated, the leadership took a decision to go to court to contest the outcome but later decided to appoint the leader of Opposition in Parliament who was Prof. Ogenga Latigo,” Muntu said.

He added: “In 2011, we believed we won and were cheated, we chose not to go to court, we asked whether we should go to Parliament as well as choosing a leadership which we agreed upon and Hon. Nandala Mafabi was appointed at that time as the LOP.”

He wondered why his colleagues have kept on attacking him personally on that question when it was the organs of the party which made the decision which was not different from the other two times.



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