Age limit: Tinkasimire attacks, bullies Abiriga

Tinkasimire and Abiriga went local

Buyaga West County MP, Barnabas Tinkasimire, on Tuesday bullied Arua Municipality Member of Parliament MP, Ibrahim Abiriga, during a committee meeting.

The ugly episode happened during a joint Defence and ICT committee meeting chaired by the latter’s chairperson, Annet Nyakecho, discussing the sim card registration alongside Security minister, Henry Tumukunde.

Hon Tinkasiimire started by explaining that a lot of people have not registered their SIM cards because of the failure by government to issue them their national IDs.

“How sure are we that our NINs won’t be used by others to register their SIMs, given that banks photocopy our IDs?” he wondered.

Abiriga, on the other hand, believes government should stay the August 30 deadline so as to strengthen security in the country.

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“I find the submissions by Abiriga quiet unbecoming,” Tinkasimire lashed out, adding, “he [Abiriga] is the same person advocating for stay of the sim card registration deadline yet he is advocating for lifting of the age limit.”

Kawempe South MP, Mubaraka Munyagwa, worsened the situation when he asked Abiriga to give up the age limit crusade.

The legislators who were seated next to each other went personal and exchanged bitter words.

It took the intervention of Ntoroko MP Gerald Rwemulikya who lashed at Tinkasimire, urging him to be “reasonable”.

Tinkasimire could be that easily silenced. “I don’t want to meet this man in my committee. I wasn’t aware we were going to meet with people like Abiriga,” Tinkasimire told the committee chairperson Nyakecho.

Nyakecho then explained to Tinkasimire that Abiriga was also a member of the Defence Committee hence was entitled to attending the meeting.

Not long ago, cabinet issued a directive to police to arrest all individuals who intimidate and harass those supporting the removal of the age limit clause.

Abiriga was among those cabinet pledged to protect from the wrath of Ugandans.




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