Shaka: State repression poses existential threat to FDC officials

Robert Shaka aka Maverick Blutaski alias Mzee Kabulasoke

I am a non-apologetic FDC card holding member. I respect Gen. Mugisha Muntu for many reasons. One as my elder, a man who has made his personal sacrifices for country and a humble servant of God.

Moses Byamugisha is my young brother I have grown to admire for his ambition, defiant stamina for good governance, intellect and youthful appeal.

Hon. Patrick Amuriat is a battle tested leader in his own right who has made his immense contributions to the democratic process in Uganda which cannot be taken away from him.

Hon. Mubarrack Munyagwa does not need introduction for his activism against the dictatorship. I do appreciate every incremental effort towards our collective objective.

It is important to remember therefore, that in this struggle, some of our opposition colleagues have paid the ultimate price for our collective search for freedom and human dignity.

Victoria University

That our opponents have continued to classify the opposition as politically “hostile” or enemies of state is an old ideology which carries an existential threat constantly looming over heads of targeted individuals.

Some of our colleagues have been crippled by poisoning, others abducted, lost jobs, jailed, assassinated, while many youths have been executed by security forces for exercising their constitutional right to assemble and demonstrate peacefully.

Our strive, therefore, for a better country transcends any individual interests including the fear that has consumed our political adversaries.

Our vision is that no one should live in fear because of the political ambition of a single individual or group of individuals. Our opponents have held the country hostage reducing citizen participation into a mere form of monetary transaction rather than fostering a culture of civic duty.

We must re-assure the entire country that we are the platform of the future. A future in which even our current adversaries and their children have a place in our vision of a country of shared prosperity and peace.

This should be our mission that we must emphasize in our policy agenda moving forward without laying down our defiance tools against dictatorship.

We must continue to work together and foster a culture of strategic cooperation with our colleagues to heal the country and convince even our opponents that we stand not only for a united country just for ourselves, but one in which every young man and woman will stand an equal chance under our Constitutional Republic when they give life their very best shot.

There will be many organizational contradictions and challenges along the way in these internal processes. We must avoid distractions from the strategic agenda deliberately.

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) for me, is a pivotal political vehicle whose contribution to the democratic process in Uganda is above every other objective. And despite all the labour pains of our fragile institutions, it provides the promise and hope for a future of the Uganda I espouse.

At this point I will ONLY request that FDC Party Headquarters publishes its Mobile Money line so I can send my contribution to the financial health of the party.

The party must continue to leverage all available channels including technology and other avenues through which it can mobilize finances and other resources from its support base. We strongly believe in the ideals of the party.

The supporters will even be more vigilant having a stake in the party by getting more involved and feeling more engaged by the leadership. Our opponents use the public treasury, weapons and security forces financed by the very population through all tribes of taxes to finance their hegemony suppressing the same population.

The same population, wants to build the opposition by financing it as the alternative vehicle. These are their parties. They have resources to marshal and extend their reach and counter the adversary. Supporters don’t just become voters but stakeholders of the entire democratic process of their country.

FDC and other opposition supporters demonstrated this zeal and enthusiasm during the 2016 Elections towards H.E President of the Republic of Uganda Rtd. Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye. We must therefore constantly engage them by tapping into their enthusiasm.

It is from this engagement the party will gain more insights and deepen its reach into the sentiments and issues of its power base and the growing resentment of our opponents despite the iron curtain they have imposed on the population.

The party leadership must remain focused rather than distracted on the strategic issues even when dealing with tactical and operational aspects of the political dynamics in the country.

The leadership must constantly scan for talent and infuse it in its policy committees from which strategic blue prints on which the party derives its national appeal must be aligned.

Robert Shaka aka Maverick Blutaski, the author, is a social media critic and political commentator



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