Don’t blame NRM, we’ve done a lot for Uganda-Ofwono


Government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, has called on opposition political parties to stop blaming the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] party for all their problems.

“For 63 years Democratic Party has been meandering from its responsibilities but they are here blaming NRM,” he pointed out.

The Uganda Media Centre boss was on Monday “auditing” the NRM manifesto running under the theme: “Steady Progress”.

He started by the signing of an oil pipeline agreement with Tanzania and the launching of a bridge over the Nile, concluding that “NRM has done well”.

Opondo said Government has met its promises on increasing teacher’s salaries and so far, there has been a 50% increase.

Victoria University

He said a number of vocational schools were promised during elections and are already under construction.

“The NRM Government has really done a lot to transform the welfare of citizens of Uganda,” he said, adding, “It’s a walkable distance to Mulago hospital, go there and see the women’s wing which was promised during elections.”

He further stated that the NRM Government has increased the number of roads in the country through Uganda National Roads Authority.

“It’s very evident. We didn’t say, “No Ugandan will die.” We also didn’t say all promises will be met but some have been met. Insecurity has reduced.”

He further observed that all school children don’t have sanitary pads as promised but the biggest of their percentage is in school.

Opondo called on adults not to shift their responsibilities to the Government of Uganda, saying parents should meet their objectives.

It has been said that there is excess electricity but where did it come from? It was planned for, he argued.

Opondo noted that some parents need to use the money they consume on alcohol to better their school children’s lives.



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