We live on our own terms, Kagame tells nosy West


Rwanda President Paul Kagame has told the West to stay away from African issues and let the continent forge its own destiny.

While delivering his inaugural speech on Friday, the Rwandan leader said every African country has to contend with efforts to force us to live on someone else’s terms.

“They [Europeans and Americans] demand that we replace systems that are working well for us with dogmas in which their own people are rapidly losing faith.”

He said Africa has no civilisational problems, only assets. “Africa is on the right path and we are going to do just fine.”

He added: “Every attempt that was made, whether from within and especially from outside, to denigrate the process and glorify the old politics of division, only made Rwandans more defiant and more determined to express ourselves through the vote.”

Victoria University

Kagame said all along, Africans have had to fight to “protect our right to do what is best for us, and we will, without any doubt, continue to do so”.

“Over centuries of adversity, our civilisation sustained us. Today it endows us with ambition, compassion, and creativity.”

He added: “Without exception, there is infinitely more that unites us, as Africans, than divides us.”

All the inspiration needed is right here in Africa, Kagame went on, adding that there is exceptional leadership and ingenuity amongst Africans, everywhere, only that they have been accustomed not to recognise it as such.

“Choosing to see the value in each other is a precious gift, which anchors us firmly and confidently in our rightful place in this world.”

He added: “Let’s ensure that those who struggled and perished to build this new Rwanda, and to liberate Africa, did not sacrifice in vain.”

The inauguration held at Amahoro Stadium was attended by over 20 Heads of States and over 50,000 Rwandans and Friends of Rwanda.




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