113 women raped, 725 girls defiled in Kampala

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Emilian Kayima,

Police has so far recorded 533 burglaries, 251 home breaking, 114 shop breaking and 60 office breaking cases in Kampala Metropolitan Area.

The statistics were shared on Sunday by Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Emilian Kayima, while appearing on NTV.

According to Kayima, police recorded 113 rapes, 725 defilement, 19 indecent assault and one case of incest.

“These are the ones that have been reported,” Kayima said, noting that most crimes happen more in over populated areas like slums and downtown Kampala.

He said young people have been driven into crime due to many reasons including dysfunctional families.

Victoria University

Last week, police took eight young people to court for dealing in drugs.

“Do you have the number of your OC police in the area? If you don’t, that’s the first point of weakness.”

He added: “The people who attack you are in your communities and they know the dynamics. Our communities need to appreciate the tenets of the law.”

Kayima described as horrible what is happening in Entebbe unlike Nansana where police took control of the situation.

“We haven’t registered any murders in the last 3 weeks [in Nansana]. The IGP [Kale Kayihura] has taken proactive steps to stop these murders by encouraging community policing and working with the community.”

Entebbe, on the other hand, has been a hub of murders and aggravated robberies.

Police in Entebbe together the Flying Squad Unit have already kick-started investigations into the serial murders of 11 women.

The 25-year-old Aisha Nakazibwe who the last victim killed near Kasenyi Barracks in Katabi town council.

Nakazibwe, a resident of Bugabo in Katabi town council, left her home on the August 13th and never returned.

In the last two months, bodies of young female adults have been found decomposing in bushes.

Preliminary investigations into the alleged murders indicate that the unidentified suspects kill their victims after sexually assaulting them.

Similar to the other incidents, the body was found stripped with some clothes lying near the dead body and sticks inserted in her private parts.

In relation to the other ten females murdered in the last two months, a number of suspects have been arrested and some of them released.

A total of 6 suspects are still in custody in relation to these murders.



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