Mirundi calls mimics a bunch of monkeys

Innocent Kafeero mimics Tamale Mirundi during an interview in Kampala. Right Tamale Mirundi speaks at a recent interview.

Presidential advisor on media matters, Tamale Mirundi, says those who imitate him are nothing more than monkeys.

The comic president’s dog was nearly arrested in 2016 on allegations of misuse of a fire arm after he stormed Radio Simba offices in Bukoto with a pistol.

He threatened to shoot the station receptionist, Justine Mudangi, while hunting for Innocent Kafeero, a comedian that imitates him.

Appearing on NBS television Tuesday, Mirundi said he struggled from Rakai to where he is now—the reason he will not let anyone take him for granted.

“I sold newspapers for a living and you refuse me to talk, who are you? Did you escort my father when he was going to pick my mother from the hospital or did you buy offals?”

Victoria University

Mirundi said he is not against mimicking people but this means they have to present themselves in their images not his.

“I’m a handsome man. Stop mimicking me with your sachet waragis, you all look like monkeys imitating a handsome man,” he said.

Mirundi’s copycat

Innocent Kafeero rose to stardom after perfecting his act of mimicking former presidential press secretary, Tamale Mirundi.

To many, Kafeero is a mirror image of Tamale Mirundi yet he is despised and loathed by the person he mimics.

Kafeero, 23, is the last born in the family of six boys and one girl. He was born on Boxing Day to the late John Kafeero and Nakijoba Annet in Ssembabule District.

He completed his primary education at Kibego Primary School in Sembabule District, before joining Lutunku Community Polytechnic to study brick laying and concrete practice.

His father died before he could join secondary school hence the choice to join Lutunku Community Polytechnic where he would at least attain life skills and a Senior Four equivalent.

At Lutunku Community Polytechnic, Kafeero met a number of friends, including Victor Wamala and Africa Muyomba, who would later introduce him to their mother (Joyce Lukonge), the caretaker of President Museveni’s farm in Kisozi.

Through her, he obtained a scholarship that would see him leave Sembabule for Kampala to study journalism at UMCAT School of Journalism and Mass Communication in 2011.

At UMCAT, Kafeero joined Radio Simba where he worked with Ivan Kyeyune, the voice behind NTV’s Zungululu show, to produce comics for the Bonna Baseke (let all laugh) performances. In 2013 he graduated but stayed at his job at Radio Simba.

Ndausi, Kafeero says, took him up for his morning show, Binsanga Wano, where he would mimic Tamale Mirundi under the omukenkufu (intellectual) monicker.

In 2013, while at Radio Simba, Kafeero made a decision to move into full-time comedy with Punch Liners, which, as he says, launched him into the world of earning off Tamale Mirundi’s name.

Later he signed up with Comedy Files, another comedy outfit where he would act under the cover of a mask for fear of being attacked by Tamale Mirundi or his agents.

He has travelled to different parts of the country because of comedy and has two scheduled shows in the UK and US already lined up in September and December respectively.

His stage name is Dr T. Amale, a corrupted version of Tamale, which he says saves could him possible litigation that is if Tamale Mirundi choose to go to court.

Background information by Daily Monitor



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