Five advantages of protein shakes and how you can make full use of it


Let’s talk about healthy dieting. Why is it so important? We consume tonnes of fried food, topping it with Coke zero (because we keep a diet). Sometimes we feel ashamed, so going to gym satisfies our need in being a functioning human being.

Not judging people, of course, it is only fair to say that some of us trace a nicer path to begin with. For all of those who take up sport classes and already maintain a daily ration, full of proteins and other nutrients, it is essential to drink liquid in between takes. And this liquid better be useful too.

Developers and nutritionists have already come up with a better way of fulfilling your sport ration. They invented protein shakes and powders, but today we will stop on discussing pros of choosing a shake over everything else while training.

  1. Consuming liquid is obviously way faster than eating a full meal. Though you can’t substitute it entirely, when we are at the gym, we want to keep on track without interruption. During severe workouts, our body tends to ‘spend’ all the acquired amount of proteins. This is how your muscles grow. You can’t just stop after a gym and eat some boiled chicken and rice (though I’ve seen people successfully doing it). But it’s so outdated. How can you make full use of it? Try drinking shakes RIGHT AWAY when you finished working out, when your body is still strained and sore, let it absorb immediately!
  2. Shakes possess the biggest list of healthy nutrients. And besides that, you can always check it.

Some shakes contain more protein, some contain soy, other products are developed to help grow muscles if you are a hard core fitness lover. See, it’s all quite adjustable. The thing you have to know is how your body perceives all the elements. Ask a local nutritionist to make up your individual diet map and be sure you are not allergic to any of those components.

  1. Shakes help you build up the muscle mass. If you are taking up sports seriously, then you must know that protein is your friend. But the growth doesn’t happen right when you finish working out. On contrary, your muscles are shrinking at that same time. You need to have a rest for about two or three days (though different coaches say different things). Anyway, shakes help your muscles in those days of remedy and healing.
  2. Shakes help you consume less initial food. Read what’s written on the side of the jar. It says ‘Doesn’t substitute your meal’ and all of that jazz. But you always need to eat food WITH the count of consumed protein. Being more specific, if you have drunk such and such amount of shake, you have fulfilled the need for protein for a certain period of time. So your meals have to be lighter. If you eat less food, you keep yourself away from those easy carbs.
  3. Shakes are tasty. They simply are. They come in different flavours and tastes. Some of you might find them artificial. For that matter, always read slim fast reviews or just stick to making the drinks yourself.


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