Brig Kasirye speaks on burnt grader, Museveni age limit

Brig. Kasirye Gwanga

UPDF veteran Brigadier, Kasirye Ggwanga, has spoken out on an incident in which he burnt a tractor to ashes in a land dispute that spiralled out of control.

David Wakabi, a businessman, claims his motor grader was burnt to ashes by Brig Kasirye who accused the driver of trespassing on his land located in Lubowa, outside Kampala.

The presidential advisor on security says he has warned Wakabi several times to stay away from his land but to no avail.

“I saw the owner of the tractor who was speaking on TV,” Kasirye said, wondering whether those who hired the tractor showed the owner a land title before he could start clearing the disputed land.

“I have land in many places. Those who are shouting that I burnt the tractor…did they expect me to stay silent while they grab my land? What was the tractor looking for on my land?”

He went on: “Go to President Museveni’s farm in Kisozi and clear it…and see what will happen? Property is property.”

Kasirye says the disputed land was bought by his wife with the aim of building a house on it.

“Some people don’t know me. I’m a soldier. I joined the army when I was 20 years. Today am 65.”


The soldier is currently under police and army investigation.

Age limit

Kasirye also tackled the proposed scrapping of the presidential age limit, warning Ugandans to stay away from the controversial topic.

“Something else I want to tell you, leave the age limit alone. Some people are 45 years and don’t have anything to show for those years.”

He continued: “Now you are there shouting because Museveni is 73 years. Who told you he wants to stand again?”

Kasirye advised those speaking against the age limit bill to follow Museveni’s manifesto: talk about mechanisation and irrigation-sensitive issues and leave age issues alone.

“Are you stupid? We also have children. Instead of minding your household income, you are yapping over non-issues.”



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