Museveni pissed over insecurity-Gen Katumba

Gen Wamala steps out of a military vehicle on his tour in Somalia

The Minister of State for Works and former UPDF Chief of Defence Forces [CDF] Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala says the president easily gets angry when there is insecurity in any part of the country.

“President Museveni wants this country peaceful and secure, period,” Gen Katumba said on Sunday while appearing on NBS “Face-Off” programme.

Katumba said when he joined police as the Inspector General of Police, there was negative media reporting because a military man had gone to police.

“By the time I left, they didn’t want me to go back to the army.”

Victoria University

Katumba said Museveni had deployed him to run police with the sole purpose of fighting insecurity across the country.

“That is his [Museveni] dream. He gets pissed off of even hearing a shot being fired somewhere,” Katumba said.

He added: “He is pissed off. He doesn’t want any insecurity in this country.”

He said the community and the police have one goal which is security.

Katumba said by the time he was taken back to UPDF, there were issues like the deployment in Somalia that needed to be dealt with.

“Our persistence and presence in Somalia has turned things around. Before we went to Somalia, it was a country that was painted black. Death was the order of the day.”

In January 2017, Katumba visited Somalia again to oversee the security situation in the country as Uganda’s peacekeeping force prepares an exit strategy for 2018.

“There must be a time when we must leave the stage,” he said when asked on leaving the army.

Meanwhile, Katumba said his progression through the ranks of the army should give comfort to young officers that they can make it.



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