Give Madhvani your Kisozi farmland, Museveni told

Museveni and Janet on the farm at Kisozi

Mivule Basajja, a radio personality and David Kabanda, the leader of NRM youth in Sembabule district, have advised President Yoweri Museveni to give investors his farmland in Kisozi and stay away from people’s lands.

The two were reacting to a nude protest that checked Lands minister, Betty Amongi, from surveying Amuru land which was given away to Madhvani Group of Companies commonly referred to as the Madhvani Group, one of the largest conglomerates in Uganda.

Government allocated over 10,000 hectares of land in Amuru district to Madhvani group to start a sugarcane plantation and a factory.

Mivule was on Sunday upset by Amongi for trying to grab people’s land in Amuru district, had it not been the naked protest that checked her.

“These ministers need to be bewitched. How can you go to an area and want to evict people who have lived there for years…just like that?” Mivule said while appearing on NBS TV “Eagle” programme.

Victoria University

The legendary radio personality said every stupid thing is being done in the country citing a pastor in Nansana who allegedly collects women’s knickers to bless them.

“These people are doing all these wicked things because there’s a loophole in the country’s system.”

Kabanda, on the other hand, said Museveni has a lot of land in Kisozi while Foreign Affairs minister, Sam Kutesa, has equally big land in Sembabule district.

Kisozi is a settlement in the Gomba District in the Central Region of Uganda. Museveni has a ranch where he looks after his cattle in this area.

“Why can’t they [Museveni and Kutesa] give Madhvani Group part of their land?”

He said there is a lot of land in Uganda that will not prompt people to undress.

“Why insist on giving away land where people are going to undress?” he wondered.

Human rights activist, Sarah Bireete, cried for the country where women have resorted to undressing to redress in order to safeguard their land from government grabbers.

She said Amuru land had been in the spotlight since 2015 when government decided to become an agent for Madhvani in procuring him land for his private business.

“It’s also important to note that the NRM regime prioritises investors above citizens on the economic front and this is the sole reason why we have failed to enact the minimum wage (Not to Scare Away Investors)!” she said.

“Land in Uganda is invested in the people and should ordinarily be acquired from an open market on the willing buyer – willing seller basis. Art 26(2) – which government is attempting to rape; only allows government to take people’s land after prompt, fair and adequate compensation.”

Bireete, the Director at Centre for Constitutional Governance [CCG], says Madhvani sugar works and business is not a government project.

On 17th April 2015, the Amuru women decided to safeguard their land with their nakedness before ministers Aronda Nyakairima (RIP) and Daudi Migereko.

The same was repeated on 11th August 2017 before Amongi.

In 2007, an Indian was killed in Kampala by a mob of demonstrators protesting against the planned giveaway of Mabira Forest.

The 7,100 hectares of Mabira Forest was to be given to the Sugar Corporation of Uganda (SCOUL), which is owned by the Mehta family that originated from India.



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