Don’t go to work, Raila protests Uhuru death squads  

Raila and his supporters

Kenya’s defeated opposition leader Raila Odinga said Sunday he would announce his strategy on Tuesday after an election he claims was stolen from him, and told his supporters to stay away from work.

“We had predicted they will steal the election and that’s what happened. We are not done yet. We will not give up. Wait for the next course of action which I will announce the day after tomorrow,” he told a heaving crowd of supporters in Nairobi’s largest slum, Kibera.

“But for now, I want to tell you not to go to work on Monday.”

Residents of Kibera climbed on to roof tops and hung off trees to catch sight of Odinga, who was speaking for the first time since his rival President Uhuru Kenyatta was declared the victor Friday in a poll he claims was massively rigged.

The decision sparked immediate protests in Odinga’s strongholds in western Kenya and Nairobi slums including Kibera and Mathare, which have left at least 16 people dead.

“This is a failed regime that is resorting to killing people instead of addressing the real issue. The vote was stolen. There’s no secret about that,” said Odinga.

His comments come after a chorus of calls from the international community for him to calm his supporters.

“As we mourn Kenyans killed by Jubilee mandated death squads, let’s observe Monday as a day of mourning for the fallen patriots,” he said.

Raila noted that for weeks before 8th August, NASA warned the world of Jubilee killer squads set to be unleashed after the polls.

“This wasn’t taken seriously. Today in Mathare North, I met with the parents of 8yr old Moraa Nyarangi, shot and killed on her balcony by police while playing. Intolerable.”

He added: “One thing was crystal clear as I engaged Nairobians today in Mathare North.”

For Raila, there is no turning back – each vote will and must count.

“Patriots, on Tuesday, NASA will announce our strategy on dealing with the August 8th election fraud perpetrated on Kenyans by Jubilee.”

He said the fraud Jubilee has perpetuated on Kenyans surpasses any level of voter theft in the country’s history. “This time we caught them.”

Source: AFP



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