Brig Kasirye sets grader on fire, dragged to police

The burning grader

A UPDF Brigadier, Kasirye Ggwanga, has been accused by a businessman of burning his tractor to ashes in a land dispute that spiralled out of control.

David Wakabi, a businessman, claims his motor grader was burnt to ashes by Brig Kasirye who accused the driver of trespassing on his land.

Advising government to mind the people it gives guns, Wakabi faulted the Brigadier for taking the law into his own hands instead of involving the police.

But the presidential advisor on security says he was reacting to the impunity exhibited by Wakabi who started clearing a piece of land he clearly knew still had a dispute.

He knew it, but he is trying to play victim,” the soldier said.

According to Kasirye, mafias in Kampala go as far as constructing a building in a disputed land at supersonic speed just to exhaust the victim and then grab it for good.

“I cannot tolerate this crap!” the soldier swore.

Wakabi claims he was not aware of the dispute around the said land located in Lubowa, outside Kampala.

He says Kasirye stormed the scene carrying a gun. He shot in the air three times. Everyone run away. He poured fuel on the grader and shot at it, burning it to ashes.

Kasirye, however, says the businessman was trying to grab his son’s land.

“I found it [grader] there. I burnt it,” Kasirye says.

Wakabi says his grader was worth Shs200m and has since dragged the soldier to police to pay for the machine.

Kasirye says he is not threatened. “We are smart people. We are not old people.”



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