Army, police pour in Amuru to neutralise nude women

Amuru women strip naked again

The national army has deployed soldiers to reinforce police in Amuru district where women stripped naked and barred Lands minister, Betty Amongi, from surveying land.

Government allocated over 10,000 hectares of land for Madhvani Group to be used for a sugarcane plantation and a factory.

When Amongi visited the area last week, she was met with angry women who undressed themselves, burned logs and blocked roads threatening to lynch her.

She was expected to survey Bombay, Bar-olam, Akee River, Kidi mon areas found in Kololo village and part of the 40,000 hectares encroached public land that Amuru District Land Board in 2006 offered for Amuru Sugar Works Ltd.

Col Ronald Bivirwa, the UPDF 4th Division deputy commander, told Daily Monitor UPDF deployed troops in the area to bring sanity to the protesting locals.

Kilak County MP, Gilbert Olanya, had earlier said the security forces were harassing and beating up residents to give up their land.

Col Bivirwa denied the allegation saying the army is in Amuru district only to bring peace.

“We do not want the Apaa incident (clashes) to happen,” he told Monitor, denying any instances of brutality against the locals.

Madhvani Group says it wants the land to establish a sugarcane plantation and sugar factory, but its acquisition has remained wet in the wings due to local resistance.

Acholi MPs; Odonga Otto, Lucy Akello, Lucy Aciro and Olanya, insist government plans to grab people’s lands in the name of investment.

Surveying of disputed Amuru land is expected to kick off Tuesday with 101 people who agreed to the exercise.

However, residents say the 101 people are absentee landlords who should not be relied on to represent the views of the community.



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