Otto ‘pulls pistol’ on RPC, detained as minister survives lynching

Otto confronts RPC Otim

Aruu County MP, Odonga Otto, was on Thursday evening arrested for leading naked Amuru women to block Lands Minister, Betty Amongi.

Amongi had gone to the district with surveyors to inspect the land that government gave to tycoon Madhvani to establish a sugar plantation and factory.

The said land is located south of the Zoka forest in Amuru district.

Amongi and his surveyors were met by naked women and rowdy youth who blocked the roads and demanded that she steps out so they could teach her a lesson.

“I dare you minister, should you come out of that vehicle you will be killed,” witnesses quote MP Otto as saying.

They surrounded her vehicle and threatened to drag her out upon which the police team that escorted the minister reacted by firing live bullets and teargas.

Otto and naked women

As Amongi fled the scene for her dear life, Otto turned to the area RPC Bosco Otim.

“If anyone of these people gets killed, I swear, I will not leave that person who kills them alive,” Otto told the police chief face-to-face.

Reports even claimed that Otto pulled a pistol and pointed it at the RPC.

The legislator was quickly rounded up and driven to Nwoya police station and detained.

He was charged with inciting violence and later released from custody after the chaos subsided.

In 2015, women stripped naked infront of the then minister of Lands protesting the grabbing of their land by government.


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