Mbidde, Godber fail to get scales for weighing Museveni dictatorship

President Museveni speaking in Mbarara town

It was some kind of syndicate [for those who play cards] on Tuesday morning as a politician and an activist went “gloves off” against President Yoweri Museveni.

While appearing on NBS television, Fred Mukasa Mbidde, the elected member of the 3rd East African Legislative Assembly, tried to explain that there was no way anyone could measure the extent of Museveni’s dictatorship.

“What you call functionality under a dictatorship depends on what you want to mean. You can’t run a country like a shop. Respect for fundamental human rights is Key,” Mbidde said.

He added: “You can’t measure dictatorship by how many railways have been constructed.”

Mbidde, a member of the opposition Democratic Party [DP] said when one single leader stays in office for over 30 years, eventually all institutions become task forces for the leader.

Victoria University

“There is no party called NRM. If it’s there, then it’s within us the opposition.”

He said the death of institutions doesn’t mean they don’t exist; they exist but they are being used as instruments.

“We who started Kogikwatako can’t manage it. It’s bigger than the party, it’s a national appeal. It must be taken from us.”

Mbidde and DP members were arrested for trying to access the Constitutional Square in a protest against the proposed scrapping of the presidential age limit clause.

Godber Tumushabe, lawyer, advocate, policy analyst and social entrepreneur, on the other hand, says the breakdown has created constraints that for people to survive.

“They have to keep manoeuvring all their life,” he said.

He went on: “Museveni should reserve the right to change his age but that right doesn’t extend to changing our constitution.”

Tumushabe cited the case of Kenya saying the tribe as an element of organising, was perpetuated by Daniel Arap Moi’s regime.

“What we are seeing here has not just started, it’s the consequences of the dictatorship regime that ruled Kenya for long.”



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