Kagame hints on 4th term in NBS TV interview

RPF Chairman Paul Kagame,Mrs. Kagame and family cast their vote in the 2017 Presidential election.

President Paul Kagame who won the Rwanda election with 99% has hinted at the possibility of a fourth term come 2024, depending on how he executes his duties in these seven years.

“There is nothing particularly new. It’s a continuation of a number of things we had all along intended to do. In the previous two terms, we were rebuilding our country; a shattered economy and society torn apart by the tragic history,” he told Samson Kasumba in an exclusively interview with NBS television last evening.

“I would have ended my time of office this year. 2-3 years ago, there was a demand from the population that I continue. I was ready to end my service. When those demands came, we had to take them through a process (petitions and referendum).”

Kagame noted that saying that he was disappointed to be pushed into this kind of position wouldn’t be doing justice to what Rwanda stands for.

Victoria University

“We are where we are today because of certain changes in what normally we would have expected but life is like that.”

He said it is his responsibility to not only prepare minds of his people for what might come but also to keep working with them.

“I will continue serving in different capacities even when I’m not president.”

On working with presidential opponents Philippe Mpayimana and Frank Habineza, Kagame said there is room to work with everybody.

“Growth of our economy has to contribute to reduction of poverty, prosperity of our people, we want to leave no one behind.”

He said when it comes to serious issues that matter “you are there on your own and for yourself” but when genocide took place, everybody had to distance themselves from Tutsis until it was stopped.

“That is when they started coming back. I don’t think there is a better lesson that anybody can learn — for us, we have learned from that.”

Kagame said he doesn’t think there is much coming from the East African Community but can always believe that they are friends and are going to work together.

“We believe in cooperation but if anything comes up in an area of thinking that anyone can tell us what to do, just know it’s a waste of time.”

He said Rwandans are not doing anything to be appreciated or to have lessons learned from them.

“We do things because we need to do them. Some of these things that happen to have good results. If there are things that don’t work for them in their situations, they can find what works for them.”

He said the region is going to be more stable and probably increase the cooperation.

“This is a region that has almost everything required for development. I don’t see why we should fail to be a vibrant region in 10-15 years.”

He said in some of the problems they have addressed, they have acquired more means and have more people coming to play their part ably.

“I think we’ll succeed, we will continue to move forward. The mood is even much better than it was in previous years. We are going to do our best. I think we are now better positioned to achieve even more.”

Samson Kasumba: Shall we be talking about your victory in 2024?

Kagame: Let’s talk about victory for the seven [7] years I’m going to be in office.

Kagame wished Kenyans good elections and happiness in the process of choosing their leaders.

“They should choose the leaders they deserve and I hope they are able to do that peacefully.”



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