Poem: I believe in Uganda’s youth


A lot has been said.

A lot. Most of it negative.

How the youth doesn’t want to work,

How the youth whines and complains about almost everything around him,

How the youth in Africa is a no pod youth.

Victoria University

The youth on the other hand has woken up from slumber to go and work overseas, sometimes in life threatening environments, earning his money painfully but rightfully.

The youth has walked the streets in search for jobs but the jobs can’t be found. They’re still held by our “experienced seniors” who’ve held the same jobs for over thirty years!

The youth is condemned as one who is used by the different political organizations and camps, he is accused of lining up with those against the establishment, yet at the end of the day he walks home with bruises from the uniformed armed men and curses from fellow brothers for failure to participate in the “revolution”.

Thus the youth is tired but tied.

The youth is strong but wounded.

The Country goes to the dogs. The seniors who know how to write and say what. Those who’ve mastered the arts.

The ones who hold high offices in the land.

For, even Youth Ministers and Representatives are not youths themselves.

For they ask, “What good can the youths be?” And another asks,

“Youths are lazy. Useless”

Who can say no when they make statements? Who can dispute them?

For they claim to have seen it all.

“The youth knows nothing about Leadership and governance” they say.

“Today’s youth is a loss the country” they collectively echo. And the youth have always looked on.

What can they say?

Always used and later dumped by their Leaders, they’re always left at the mercy and hands of their oppressors.

For they have no guns nor swords.

For they are born in the times their fathers and mothers, their own motivators are either pot-bellied government thieves or peasants who can’t afford to take them to good schools.

The poor either earns the rank in the police as a junior soldier or gets recognized in the street-smart kifesi ranks as a “Crime preventer “.

I believe in the Youth.

I believe in these times.

The times millennials are rising up to take centre stage in decision making.

Salute to the youth of Uganda.

Salute to you all Making a positive difference for the youth in this country.

For God and Our Country.

Geofrey Mugisha, is a Socio-Political Activist, Public Speaker and Youth Leader Kampala a.k.a Brother Leader.



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