Kenyans flee poll chaos, pour into Uganda


Uganda police says Kenyans are crossing into Uganda helter-skelter fleeing the outcomes of the Tuesday election between former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, and the incumbent president, Uhuru Kenyatta.

Addressing press in Kampala, police spokesman Asan Kasingye, said the number of people entering Uganda from Kenya has increased.

According to Kasingye, people have been crossing the Ugandan border from Kenya for the past one week.

On Sunday alone [two days before the election], at least 30 people crossed to Uganda for safety.

Kasingye said the police would strengthen security on the borders and increase vigilance to prevent wrong elements from utilising the opportunity to sneak into the country.

Victoria University

Kenyans remember 2007-2008 violence

Kenya’s Rift Valley was the epicentre of the 2007-2008 post-election violence.

While there are few concerns of mounting tensions this year over the ongoing local races, residents have held youth marches and a special church service to remember the victims of 2008 Kiambaa church massacre.

Worshipers sang and prayed for peace in Kiambaa Church in Eldoret in the Rift Valley region of Kenya.

It was here Kikuyu men and women ran to after armed Kalenjin youth attacked their homes.

The violence followed them to the church. Children, women, and men were burnt.

Since the post-election violence, many things have changed. The two warring communities have reconciled and now support one candidate for the presidency, the incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto.

In this election that unity will be tested as local races and politics take centre stage.

The International Crisis Group has warned of possible violence, saying the creation of new Counties ruled by powerful elected local officials has increased the stakes the political competition.

The call for peace has been growing in this part of the country, and many hope after August 8th polls communities will live in peace.

Additional reporting: Voice of America



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