Umeme disowns man arrested over murdered girlfriend


Umeme Uganda Limited has disowned Andrew Okoth who is implicated in the murder of his girlfriend, Fatima Natoolo, an employee of Tropical Bank Africa.

Umeme said in a statement that it was saddened by the news of the murder of Ms. Fahima Natoolo, noting that tragedies like these affect “our families, communities and society”.

“We can confirm that Mr. Okoth had been working with an Umeme contractor but was not directly employed by Umeme,” Umeme said in a statement released on one of their social media accounts.

It added: “As this is an ongoing investigation we are offering all possible assistance to the authorities.”

Victoria University

Okoth was arrested on Friday morning by plain-clothed policemen.

He is expected to be arraigned in court for the murder. The crime was committed in Mbalwa, Namugongo on Saturday.



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