Kivumbi: Museveni family, cronies like Kafeero behind age limit bill

MP Kivumbi [L] with LoP Winnie Kiiza during a recent press conference

Butambala County Member of Parliament (MP), Muwanga Kivumbi, claims it is specifically President Yoweri Museveni, his family and cohorts who are pushing for the scrapping of the presidential age limit clause.

Kivumbi made the remarks on Thursday while appearing on NBS TV political “Frontline” programme to discuss the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2017.

The bill among others, proposes the scrapping of the age limit clause so Museveni can stand again in 2021 elections as well as the forceful seizure of people’s land by government.

“I want to thank MPs that for the first time we have a bi-partisan stand on this land issue. Land is right,” Kivumbi said.

He noted that the constitution allows compulsory acquisition of land and they properly described its purpose.

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“This was the president’s first dry run in Parliament to see what will happen. People have to stay vigilant. I want to tell Ugandans that if this land bill is withdrawn, it will be people’s victory.”

Kivumbi said he is aware that vast majority of MPs are opposed to the lifting of the presidential age limit.

“I know Hon. Kafeero [Nakifuuma MP, Robert Ssekitoleko Kafeero] is swinging a package for MPs in Parliament, that’s his trade; nothing else,” Kivumbi stated while looking at Kafeero who was present on the show.

“He [Kafeero] is a trader. He is simply saying ‘if they are giving us this’ then ‘we will do this’. He is not even in the bigger apparatus.”

Kivumbi said by ushering in the age limit bill, Uganda is nearing into something more than life presidency; something like North Korea.

“Uganda deserves a peaceful transfer of power; my grandfather didn’t see it, I would be darned if I didn’t see it.”

He added: “I know who is pushing for the age limit, and it’s not the MPs. It’s President Museveni, his family and his cohorts.”

First Lady, Janet Kataaha Museveni, recent came under attack for allegedly rolling out between Shs350m to Shs400m to allegedly buy off MPs so they can scrap the presidential age limit.

US based Ugandan critic, Nathan Span, claimed Janet met some MPs and gave them Shs4bn to popularise the age limit removal in the country.

Janet Museveni reportedly met MPs; James Kakooza [Kabula county], Ashraf Olega [Yumbe central], Simeo Nsubuga [Current MP for Kassanda County South], Gordon Bafaki [Kazo county], Paul Amoru [Dokolo North], Hillary Lokwang [Ike county] and Abiriga [Arua Municipality], to that effect.

Government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, who was present on last night’s show, said the land matter appeals to personal sensibilities. “This is not the 1st time there has been a bi-partisan stand.”



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