Poem: She’s the one


Don’t hold back handsome,

Your appendage for her is ethnic and blazing

that you grind your jaws so hard when you need her….

Look at you darling, its on your brain,

In the reddishness of your blood,

Your sanity,

That heavy pound in your head….

Wishing you could take a journey through her mind, and find those emotions that she always tryna hide…

I call it the ‘love-nado’

Cause you feel her everywhere you go….

Like a divine shadow,

Hahaha the love-secret-dom,

And your weakness,

She’s the one my friend…..


That invisible ounce

that drives you to do magic,

That night when your young, alone and high on testosterone….

You inhale her acidic young skin, it drives you wild and not any other.

Cause she’s so sexy that you want to eat her up.

It’s beyond your making.

Fire and electricity is a dangerous combo,

But you want some more each time an eruption occurs…….

She’s the one.


Because she completes you,

Just like the sky is blue,

Like the Flamingos reminance elegance,

Like the 7 continents were meant to be,

And like the sun is meant to shine,

You don’t have to change a thing,

You plus her is all you need…..

Because you love her honey….

She’s the one…                        [Karol Green]



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