Age limit: voters walk out on minister Elioda

Minister Elioda Tumwesigye

An embarrassing scene was recorded in Masheruka Parish, Kigarama Subcounty, Sheema district when electorates walked away from a meeting leaving Minister of Science, Technology & Innovation, Elioda Tumwesigye, to talk to himself.

The ugly incident happened a few days ago when Elioda was meeting residents of Masheruka parish in Sheema County North constituency which represents in Parliament.

The meeting was aimed at planning for the development of the new Town Council.

In between his speech, according to reports, Elioda started preaching the removal of the presidential age limit.

A few murmurs suddenly broke out in the crowd as people turned to face each other, grumbling inaudibly.

Victoria University

The minister was not deterred and pursued his age limit gospel, assuring the residents that President Yoweri Museveni was still strong to steer the nation forward come 2021 elections.

The residents who could not take it anymore, started walking away one after the other leaving the minister staring in empty space.

According to a resident who attended the meeting, some residents were overheard suggesting that they lynch the minister.

Elioda quickly looked left and right, jumped into his car and drove off.

On Monday, Kassanda South MP, Simeo Nsubuga, was roughed up and nearly strangled to death by William Ntege who accused him of championing the removal of the presidential age limit clause.

Bunyoro kingdom raises fears over constitution amendment

Meanwhile, Uganda Radio Network reports that Bunyoro sub region will be on the receiving end of land ownership related injustices if parliament passes the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2017.

Government early this month tabled the constitutional amendment bill aiming at amending Article 26 of the 1995 Constitution.

The bill seeks to give government powers to compulsorily acquire individual, communal or institutional land to pave way for any project before compensating the owner.

It is currently being scrutinised by the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee before the house debates the proposed amendment.

Norman Lukumu, the Prime Minister of Bunyoro Kingdom, told URN in an interview that the oil-rich region would suffer more if the constitution is amended.

Lukumu says that the people of Bunyoro sub region have already suffered with undervalued or delayed compensations during the oil exploration process of the Oil and gas adding that the upcoming development stage could deprive them of the remaining pieces of land.

The prime minister says that the first step by parliament in regards to the bill would be outright consultations by legislators to find out what their constituents are saying about the bill.

The same bill proposes the lifting of the age limit for persons who contest for the presidency beyond 75 years.



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